Amplify Social Impact

Amplify Social Impact(R) is a ground-breaking initiative designed to improve the wellbeing of Australia’s communities, families and individuals. It does this by measuring, understanding, and influencing the social impact of efforts in areas such as housing, education, work, social inclusion and financial wellbeing.
Through innovative tools and insights, organisations, business, and governments can identify pressure points and work together to find solutions to address Australia’s complex social problems and improve and transform lives.

Find out more about elements of Amplify below:

Australian Social Progress Index

Beyond GDP, the Australian Social Progress Index is an online resource that will give governments the ability to measure their state or territory’s progress towards meeting people’s basic needs and foundations for wellbeing. By comparing the jurisdictions and tracking them over time, the index will reveal which areas are flourishing and where there are gaps.

Amplify Insights

Amplify Insights provide a deep dive into a social issue area. Click here to download our Amplify Insights into Housing Affordability and Homelessness. More reports coming soon.

Indicator Engine

How do you know how to measure your social impact? Do you know what to measure, when to measure, and how to measure? This tool, coming mid 2020, will be the answer to your needs. 

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