About Amplify

What is Amplify?

Simply put, Amplify is a suite of tools that allows the social sector to measure their impact and track their progress.

What problem is Amplify Addressing?

In Australia, we spend $510 billion on social purpose programs and initiatives, yet often, we don’t know if they are effective.

There is demand for better data, evidence, best practices, and outcome reporting from policy makers, funders, and sector practitioners. We also know that some organisations don’t have the resources to measure impact correctly, or identify which programs work and are therefore worthy of replication. 

Amplify will help address this. It will help the social purpose sector measure, demonstrate, and improve its social impact.

We want to support people working for social change to be data-driven and outcomes-focused so they can improve people’s lives and create a stronger, better society.

Amplify will help funders, service providers, and social entrepreneurs to:

  • Better understand social changes over time
  • Find and access resources and supports regarding outcomes measurement
  • Measure and benchmark outcomes
  • Demonstrate and communicate social impact
  • Determine where to invest resources effectively, understand and target specific areas of need and realise key social strengths and vulnerabilities

What does Amplify look like?

There are three pillars to this initiative.

Pillar 1. An evidence base for 5 key social issue areas (such as housing, education, work, social inclusion, and financial wellbeing), revealing the nature of the issue in Australia and promising strategies to address the problem.

Pillar 2. A series of Connect and Convene for Systems Change Events that bring people together across sectors (NFP, government, philanthropy, business) to come up with a shared purpose and innovative solutions to these complex problems

Pillar 3. An online platform - Amplify Online - which features tools to reveal where outcomes and impact are occurring

There are opportunities for different journeys along the path.

Amplify Journey