CSI & Amplify

Why CSI is the right organisation to deliver Amplify.

The Centre for Social Impact is uniquely positioned to drive this innovative approach and platform. CSI has more than a decade of experience working with the social purpose sector, understanding the unique strengths and opportunities that each stakeholder brings.  

CSI has a strong track record of doing this work with individual organisations, agencies, and initiatives and will now scale that approach to have greater impact across the sector.

How you can help

CSI is looking for funding partners to help realise the full potential of Amplify Social Impact: social impact at scale in Australia and beyond. We have received seed funding from our university partners and will leverage that support with contributions from strategic partners and friends of CSI.

 As the project is in early implementation stages, pledges of support are currently welcome.

Media release

Read the media release about the launch of Amplify Social Impact.