Strategic Partners


As with all large and ambitious projects, collaboration is the key to success. CSI is currently looking for strategic partners that will help ensure the delivery of Amplify.  

What is an Amplify Social Impact Strategic Partner?

Amplify Strategic Partnerships are long term sustainable business relationships that are geared toward delivering the Amplify vision of systems change and social impact.

With a world class reputation in their area of expertise and leaders across the Australian community, Strategic Partners demonstrate a genuine and tangible commitment to the Amplify vision, bringing their own unique capabilities and resources to bear to ensure exceptional delivery of the Amplify strategy.

Recognising that sustainable business partnerships must generate genuine value for all parties, Strategic Partnerships will be shaped to meet the needs of each individual party, whether that is generating business value through the provision of goods and services, through reputation and brand, employee engagement or in bolstering your corporate social responsibility efforts.

Being a Strategic Partner is not a passive role, it is an active part of the project, starting with a definitive commitment for regular communication and engagement. Being a Strategic Partner requires meaningful investment, collaboration and working together to create lasting and meaningful social change. CSI UNSW has set the tone as the foundation Amplify Strategic Partner with a total cash and in-kind contribution of $5.8m with support from the highest levels of the University as a Global Challenge.

How can my organisation become a Strategic Partner?

Attend one of the briefing sessions on becoming a Strategic Partner or contact Dr Lyndsey McKee, CSI business development at or 0431 866 801.

To find out more about becoming an Amplified Strategic Partner download the PDF.