Amplify Online

In Australia, we spend $510 billion on social purpose programs and initiatives, yet often, we don’t know if they are effective.

Imagine a social purpose sector that has access to rigorous and independent social research to guide their work. A sector that reliably articulates the impact its services are trying to achieve, and one that has online access to tailored tools to evaluate them. 

A sector that benchmarks results, makes service improvements, and is agile in the delivery of programs, adapting to focus on what works. A sector that collaborates to bring cross-sector expertise to complex problems and to avoid duplication of efforts.

Essentially a sector driven by evidence and evaluation to improve services and therefore outcomes for people that need it the most.

The vision of Amplify Social Impact® (Amplify) is to improve the use of evidence-based decision making, enable widespread social impact evaluation, and provide insights to as many of the 52,000 registered charities in Australia as possible. This is the for-purpose sector that we all want to work in, but evidence and evaluation can be costly and complicated endeavours, especially for the one in two charities in Australia with no paid staff. Amplify aims to change that.

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