Indicator Engine

Amplify Online combines CSI's experience in social issue research and outcomes measurement, numerous data sets and reporting frameworks, to provide a 'one-stop shop’ in evidence and evaluation. Amplify Online encompasses two, connected, online tools, built from the ground up and encompassing world-class security standards, and leading academic research. INDICATOR ENGINE® guides organisations to the tools they need to measure outcomes and impact with validity and reliability. YARDSTICK® reveals the programs, strategies, and initiatives across the country that are achieving outcomes and impact, and the relative opportunities for their replication and improvement.

One of the most difficult tasks for organisations is to figure out which outcomes to measure and find the right high-quality indicators to measure them. The Amplify Indicator Engine is a solution to help organisations of all shapes and sizes.

The platform will provide tailored recommendations for measuring client and community outcomes using the highest quality indicators available. Users answer a series of questions about their program and then can select to:

  1. Have a survey automatically built for their program based on their responses,
  2. Build a survey from an existing internal or external framework, or,
  3. Build the survey by searching for indicators within the Amplify indicator bank.

Data collection and analysis

The platform currently supports three survey distribution methods:

  1. Email distribution – upload a contact list to the system or individually add contacts, and then select the survey you want the individuals to respond to on the platform. This sends out a unique email link to the respondent’s email address.
  2. Kiosk distribution – for use in a one-to-one, or front office setting where the respondent completes the survey on a device owned by the organisation. This is recommended for respondents who do not have a reliable device or appropriate and safe location to complete the survey themselves, or who benefit from assistance and support from your team while completing the survey.
  3. Offline mode – looks exactly like kiosk mode, except the device you complete the survey from can go “offline” in a remote area or any location without Internet connectivity. This is a great benefit to organisations providing services in remote locations, and disaster response services.